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Spatial Nation is a fully immersive interactive digital environment where fans gather to join artists and personalities for shared experiences.

Once you purchase a ticket to an event, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive a second email, 24 hours in advance of the event with your exclusive web link to enter the event.

The experience is browser based, you do not need to download any apps to enter Spatial Nation.

You can enter Spatial Nation without registering. But if you register / sign-in to Spatial platform, you will have a more robust experience, especially in dressing your Avatar. There is no cost to register.

Use the Chrome Browser to enter Spatial. We recommend to use the latest available version of Chrome.

Use a computer / desktop / PC or VR Headset.

We recommend to visit Spatial Nation on a computer / desktop / PC or VR Headset. The experience is limited on a smartphone.

Yes, you will move through Spatial Nation with your Avatar.

Upon entering for the first time, you will be prompted to create your Avatar, follow the prompts. We recommend that you register with Spatial to preserve your Avatar for future visits. There is no cost to register. You will create your avatar upon entering in one of three ways:

1) You can enter as a guest, but your avatar settings will be deleted after your visit.
2) Sign-in to Spatial (recommended) and preserve your avatar settings.
3) Sign-In to Ready Player Me. Your Ready Player Me avatar can exist in Spatial Nation.

You will move your Avatar with a combination of your mouse / track pad and keyboard. Use your mouse / track pad to look around, change your perspective and change directions.

On your keyboard:
Press the letter W to move forward.
Press the letter S to move backwards.
Press the letter A to move left.
Press the letter D to move right.
If you hold the shift key down and press W or S, your avatar will run.

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